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VirtualEyeZ – The Virtual Eyes of your Business and Entertainment

VirtualEyeZ is managed service virtualization platform for Exhibitions, Business Collaboration Offices, Conferences, Music Halls, Education and Training Facilities, Shopping Malls, Health Care and much more.
Our service came as response to social distancing requirements, working from home low efficiency and productivity, increased costs of traveling and time constraints of everyday life encountered by business owners, C-level executives and employees alike.
A first pioneering step was made by video conferencing solutions, but they are quite limited in options and collaboration features and they lack the immersive experience provided by our Virtual Platform. We developed our service concept further and we created a solution that not only allows people to video conference and share screens, but creates a virtual office, exhibitions, conferences in the virtual realm, with AI and VR support, with a full graphic of the physical space where people, meet, talk, exchange business cards, presentations, have coffee breaks, while reproducing the real life feeling environment.
Our platform becomes an exact copy of the environment people are used to in their daily activities, while they can participate from the comfort of their home living room, car, restaurant or any preferred location that has an internet connectivity if they have a computer/ laptop/ mobile/ tablet/ or VR device.
Moreover, we are able to integrate ERP solutions and softwares that people/ companies use, keep track of all the activities, offer statistics, archives of documents, data, images, videos, voice records, client database, business cards and much more.
VirtualEyeZ is a unique Qatari initiative that can put Qatar on the Virtual Realm world map.

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